These Are The Best Songs To Wake You Up Of A Morning, According To Science

So funnily enough, it turns out that the music you blast of an AM has a direct impact on your ability to get out of bed and face-slap the day.

And according to science, some tunes are a bit better at it than others.

That’s why Spotify has up and recruited a bonafide psychologist, PhD candidate David M. Greenberg, to put together the perfect playlist for coaxing you out of your blanket nest and inspiring you to grasp each day firmly by its family jewels.

According to the good doctor, the best wake-up choons all contain a few key things in common: they build slowly, send a positive message, and have a strong beat.

His 20-song playlist is packing plenty of familiar ditties, from Coldplay’s uplifting Viva La Vida to Bill Withers’s timeless Lovely Day, to the (very literal) Wake Me Up by Avicii.

In fact, Spotify has been on something of a playlist-making rampage, enlisting experts to curate the perfect soundtracks for all kinds of occasions, from working out to (eep!) giving birth.

Catch their full wake-up playlist below.

Best served with a thermos full of double-strength coffee.

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