Big Day Out Announces Melbourne’s Chow Town Lineup

It appears that in preparation for their 2013 event, Big Day Out organisers have left no stone unturned, or should I say uncooked (I know I shouldn’t but segway aren’t my strong suit). Today a selection of some of Melbourne’s most iconic and talented food people have been announced as being part of BDO’s Chow Town.

Each city will host a selection of the best chefs and food maters from their area, with Melbourne being the first to announce theirs. The award-winning Andrew McConnell from Golden Fields is the first to be announced as joining partners in culinary crime and Chow Town curators Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz of Porteno/Bodega, and the official overlord of Chow Town, Melbourne Salvatore Malatesta from ST ALi.

As well as McConnell will be Melbourne’s burger king himself Daniel Wilson from Huxtaburger, the iconic Cookie will also be featured in Chow Town alongside head chef and Thai food mastermind Karen Batson. The genius behind both the Beatbox Kitchen and the current crazed Taco Truck, Raph, will be donning his apron for the event, alongside Jess and Vanessa Gerner, who are bringing with them the Muslim Mediterranean flavours of their joint Anada.

Great food, wrestling, strippers and great music. If BDO 2013 doesn’t tick at least one of your boxes, I just feel sorry for you.

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