Billy Corgan On The Chances Of Reuniting Original Smashing Pumpkins Lineup

Smashing Pumpkins‘ head honcho Billy Corgan has opened up about his relationship with former bandmates James Iha and D’arcy Wretzky, saying that he hopes to “find peace” with them but isn’t sure about a full-blown Guns N’Roses-style reunion.

As Alternative Nation reports, Corgan was interviewed at length by TV personality Jennifer Weigel in December. In the chat, Corgan addresses the possibility of a reunion with his former Pumpkins bandmates.

Speaking with Ms Weigel, Corgan says he has “no interest” in taking part in any “inorganic” reunion with Iha and Wretzky.

“When you’re talking about the natural human instinct to find forgiveness and heal a relationship, I think that never ends,” he says. “That’s a human thing, it has nothing to do with the band or people creating memories.”

Speaking about band reunions, Corgan says he finds “the business of it all” a bit “gross”.

“I think people rarely get out of [reunions] what they think they’re gonna get,” he says. “Because when a relationship breaks, and I would take it back more to something you’ve experienced in your family life or your romantic life, whatever, when a relationship breaks there are times it’s not gonna get any better.

“It’s what it was for what it was, underneath a particular set of circumstances… There’s no temptation there for me. Strictly on my part I think it’s like, ‘Would I like to find peace?’ Absolutely, of course. But beyond all the other stuff… I can’t even imagine that being able to watch.”

Iha was a member of Smashing Pumpkins up until 2000, and Wretzky was active in the band until 1999. Jimmy Chamberlin, Smashing Pumpkins’ original drummer, rejoined the band on tour in 2015.

Catch a snippet of Corgan’s chat with Ms Weigel where he discusses getting into a creative mindset, below.

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