Billy Corgan Is Suing The Pro Wrestling Company He’s President Of

As it turns out, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan isn’t just a fan of smashing tough-skinned savoury fruit, but also enjoys some light smashing of humans. That said, something isn’t right in his professional wrestling affairs right now.

Last year, Corgan started a producer for Nashville-based pro-wrestling company TNA, the folks responsible for US TV show Impact Wrestling, but he’s now suing TNA’s parent company.

In August this year Corgan became the President of TNA’s parent company Impact Ventures, telling the New York Post last month that he was then in the midst of arrangements to become the majority owner of the company. But since then, as PW Insider reports, things have been flipped on their head and Corgan is now suing the company.

Details have been kept hush hush at the request of Corgan, but according to PW Insider, court documents reveal the defendants involved in the case are TNA’s Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Dixie Carter, and her husband and TNA executive Serg Salinas. Also involved is the the Chief Financial Officer, Dean Broadhead. Carter was supposedly preparing to hand over her Presidential position over to Corgan, before this case was opened.

A temporary restraining order has also reportedly been issued by Corgan. The hearing for the restraining order and the case will take place on 20th October, when we’re sure to see Billy smash some heads in.

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