Billy Hyde’s Son To Revive Family Legacy

Not even a week ago it was looking as though Allans Music and Billy Hyde were gone forever, but following a list-minute recovery, it’s now been announced that Billy Hyde’s son will be opening the first door operated under his father’s name.

According to Tone Deaf, Garry Hyde will be opening up a store on the site of the original Billy Hyde’s music shop. Based in Flemington prior to the merger with Allans Music, the original store first opened its doors back in 1962. Originally used as a place for the legendary drummer Billy Hyde to teach drums, the business grew and grew as a family operated entity until 2007.

Backed by a team of clued-in associates conducting business under the name GH Music, Hyde will be bringing some much needed family values into the music industry, stating, “Call me crazy, but I still think there is room for a family owned music business”.

Allans Billy Hyde was saved following an 11th hour bid from long-term rival Gallin’s Musician’s Pro Shop, who took control of the company earlier this week.

Hyde sold off his remaining stake in the company in 2007, prior to the takeover by Allans music in 2010, to explore other adventures, though his sole focus now is to revive the family legacy.

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