Blink-182 Made Fun Of One Direction 11 Years Before They Existed?

By coincidence or some kind of great foresight beyond our understanding, it appears that Blink-182 have managed to make fun of British boy band One Direction 11 years before they even existed, maybe even before they were born. How old are they anyway?

Some clever people have noticed
that the beach used in One Direction’s clip for What Makes You Beautiful is the same one used for Blink’s All the Small Things clip where they parody certain boy bands.

In the shots below you’ll notice that the same rockface appears in the clips, along with the same boy band theatrics typically used by boy bands of that generation, such as Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Westlife, NSYNC and Five.

Uncanny or some kind of cruel joke by a location manager? You can decide for yourself. Blink-182 will be visiting Australia next year on the back of their appearance on the Soundwave 2013 lineup in February. They may even explore some of our own beaches while they’re here.

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