Bloc Party’s Kele Woke Up In The Playboy Mansion Missing His Undies

That headline is sure to raise many questions for those who read it, but surely not as many as Kele himself. The Bloc Party frontman has recalled a hazy memory of waking up in the Playboy Mansion with no underpants on after a surely boss party – the only issue is he can’t remember any of it.

He tells Moshcam that, having just performed a DJ set “somewhere in the States”, he found himself in the company of several playmates. We’ll let Mr. Okereke tell the rest of the story:

“Nothing naughty happened but I did wake up on top of a piano and I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I had a shirt on and my shoes but my jeans were on the floor. I think I had been to the toilet and forgotten to put them back on.”

Just when you thought it was already fire on all cylinders as the band backs up their latest album 4 with international tours, the band have told Music Feeds that they will be releasing new material in the near future. Taking the shape of an EP, the release is expected to contain new tracks recently premiered live, and is expected to hit shelves some time in the northern hemisphere summer.

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