BMTH’s Oli Sykes Addresses Lip-Syncing Controversy At Chester Bennington Tribute

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has addressed some of the negative backlash that followed his gig with Linkin Park during the weekend’s huge Chester Bennington tribute concert at LA’s Hollywood Bowl.

ICYMI: Sykes joined the nu-metal legends for a rendition of their Hybrid Theory mega-hit ‘Crawling’ during the star-studded event, and although many fans were frothing over his performance, plenty of others (including y’all on the Music Feeds Facebook page) have been ripping the BMTH frontman a new one for apparently lip-syncing:

Oli has since taken to Twitter to respond to the controversy, claiming that “some1 fucked up hard” and played his vocals from a previous live rehearsal over the top of the actual live stream:

During the benefit concert, Blink-182 also teamed up with Linkin Park for a rendition of ‘What I’ve Done’, and Mike Shinoda shared an emotional new song he’d written in honour of Chester.

Watch Oli Sykes’ slightly controversial ‘Crawling’ performance below.

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