Bon Iver Frontman Forms Hip Hop Inspired Band

Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon has been a busy man recently, setting up his own record label, touring non-stop off the back of his much-loved album Bon Iver, and now he is starting a new project, inspired by hip hop.

The project seemed to come together quite quickly with vocalist of the new band, Astronautalis, saying that “By the time I got there, they had about eight pieces of music done, or roughed out into song form. Then I just got down there and freestyled for eight hours over everything. When I work with Ryan, it’s the exact opposite of how I work on my own records. I just give him tons and tons of material. He takes it back to his house, and dangles a cigarette out of his mouth, and works for hours on end.”

Both artists went into hibernation in Vernon’s studio for one weekend to record this piece of art that has a large amount of potential to be game-changing. It seems that the attraction for both artists was the ability to do what they wanted. When asked about how long it would take for the final product to be issued, Astronautalis told City Pages “I don’t think it’s going to be as long as you think. Ryan’s goal is for it to be made faster than the Polica record, and that was made in just a few weeks. All of us are hell-bent on getting it out really quickly, and hopefully to find the time to play some shows for it as well. I think you’ll hear it sooner than you think, and I kinda just wanna leave it at that. It’s such a far stretch for a lot of us musically. I think everyone should abandon their expectations of what it’s going to be, because it’s probably going to be very far off.”

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