Bon Iver Set To Debut New Album Live This Week

In the lead up to this year’s Justin Vernon curated-Eaux Claires Festival, Bon Iver have revealed that there’s even more in store for fans than previous years. The band will be debuting their brand new record at the event, and why? Because they bloody well can. That’s why.

This album will be the long-over due follow up to the bands 2011’s self-titled album and will allegedly be called 22 Days, a fact deduced by painstakingly decoding Instagram hashtags from the band and various members. Eventually it made its way onto the side of a building in Boston.

News about the album’s first airing going down at the event on Friday began circulating from various sources, but it’s not like the internet needed much to take this and run. The long-awaited new album has been on our mind sometime, and it was only recently that promo material began to surface, bearing #22Days.

Keep in mind this is after an extensive period of not knowing if the damn thing would ever happen in the first place.

Fans may remember last year when the band debuted a previously unheard song at the festival, so it’s true that miracles do happen at Eaux Claires which is curated by main man Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron Dessner.

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A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on


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