Booking Your Favourite Band Isn’t As Expensive As You Thought

Booking your favourite band for a private function may not cost as much as you once thought, though it’s still almost certainly way more than you can afford. The important thing is we know, thanks to a newly leaked document.

Compiled by the good guys over at Priceonomics, the list contains plenty of surprises. To book Bieber you’ll need more than $1 million, but to book One Direction, you’ll just need $150k – $200k. Which is, what, just one BMW M5? Nothing.

Taylor Swift, Madonna, Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen are some of the other artists who make up the $1 Million or more club, which isn’t all that surprising.

Things have clearly gotten tough in camp Matchbox Twenty. The seminal ’90s outfit can be rented for a measly $150k a sesh. And Fall Out Boy, talk about a bargain! They can be booked for just $100k.

As for Aussies, well, we’re few and far between on the list, it’s sad to say. Bag Raiders, Ben Lee and Anna Lunoe will all set you back under $10k, whereas Tame Impala get an open-ended $10k or more.

An unknown source from Degy Entertainment leaked the list, which also features discount artists you can nab for between $1k to $10k. But we’ll give you a hint, they aren’t the artists you’re looking for.

Check out the full list right here.

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