How Much It’ll Really Cost You To Book Your Favourite Bands

Last month, the folks at Priceonomics published a list of figures that bands and artists request in order to perform at colleges. While some were unsurprising, such as the seven-figure sums required to book Madonna or Dave Matthews, figures like the $200k for One Direction raised suspicions.

Business Insider has now revealed that the figures cited in Priceonomics‘ list weren’t verified with artist reps and were sourced from Degy Entertainment, who no longer appear to list any of the large number of acts that were published in the list compiled by Priceonomics staffer Zachary Crockett.

So Business Insider decided to hook up with, an outlet that is able to reach out to managers of the rich and the famous, to uncover current booking fees. Their list is not only more accurate and comprehensive, but is reportedly updated on a daily basis and you can check it below.

Topping the list is Prince, who’ll be requiring $1,500,000-$2,000,001 minimum in order to play your next birthday party. Alternatively, you could invite Jack Nicholson look-alike and bottom bracket resident Joe Richards for just $7,500-$9,999 to give your party some fake celebrity power. You can have Queens of the Stone Age for $250,000 minimum, while Blink-182 will set you back $750,000.

Gallery: How Much It Really Costs To Book Your Favourite Bands

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