Bosnian Rainbows Stream Self Titled Debut Album In Full

It was a rare clash of the titans when Mars Volta and At The Drive In’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez created Bosnian Rainbows with Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes but, from what we can tell listening to the new album, their powers have combined for a balanced mix of both sensibilities, and a record that’s as catchy as a winter flu, only far more enjoyable.

The self-titled debut is currently streaming below, via ol’ mate NPR, and falls just shy of 50 minutes. The album is more of a journey than a series of one-offs, with enough instrumental theatrics to steal your attention and a narrative that will hold it. Gender Bender’s vocals are about as androgynous as humanly possible, hence the name, and fits in nice and snug when surrounded by their record’s heavy ’80s AM influence.

Nothing about Bosnian Rainbows seems to be contrived, despite the odd tip of the hat to Bowie and Simple Minds, but you need to be looking somewhere for ideas. But enough out of us, and our thoughts on the record – time to make your own. You can listen to the album below, before its US release date of Tuesday, 25th June.

Listen: Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows

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Watch: Bosnian Rainbows album trailers

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