Brian ‘Head’ Welch Of Korn “Begs” Followers To Stop Hateful Posts Towards LGBTQ Fans

Korn‘s guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch is facing a backlash from his more religiously-inclined fans after he met with a transgender fan and posted about the meeting.

Welch uploaded a post to Facebook earlier this week showing a picture of himself with the fan, who had suffered abuse over the past few years and had come to Welch to ask for his prayers.

“Got to speak and pray with these precious ones in Northern California – at least 2 of them felt a touch from Jesus,” wrote Welch. “A sincere request from my friend on my right: ‘Brian, do you love transgenders? Then, please pray for us transgender people. We need prayer bad.’ And I will.”

Welch, who converted to Christianity more than ten years ago, found some of his fellow Christians weren’t too pleased about the post, and as a result of the backlash the musician took to Facebook once more to call for a greater level of tolerance among his fans.

“To the few people that were running their mouth about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sin of homosexuality, please open your hearts and read this carefully: God looks at the heart and man looks on the outside. What I do and what we all need to do is find out what is inside people’s hearts,” he wrote.

He went on to call out some “heartless posts” which he criticised for having done nothing to achieve Christianity’s goal of bringing people closer to God. He resolved to write the second post because “if I can convince even one hardhearted Christian to stop posting about instant repentance and hell fire while me and my friends are trying to love people to Jesus over time, then I guess this post was worth it.”

“It’s a tiring job trying to persuade my people to fall in love with the Son of God, Jesus, while other “Christians” are chasing them away with their posts at the same time. I’m begging you, please stop.”

Check out the post in full, below.

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