Bridezilla Call It A Day

It is with great sadness that Feeds report the departure of one of Sydney’s most exciting outfits. Bridezilla have confirmed their “inevitable departure and divorce” earlier today through the Internet, affirming some of our worst fears. After forming in 2005, the band have worked tirelessly to ensure that they were at the top of their game; however, they never managed to break it into the big time.

However, like all decent Australian acts, they know how to party. And so, hosting their own farewell party, Bridezilla will take the stage one more time at Sydney’s Oxford Arts Factory on 16th January with a few close friends to say a proper goodbye. And with friends like Canyons, who needs to be sad! Anyway, without further ado, here is the entire statement announcing their goodbye. Thank you for the tunes Bridezilla, we will miss you.

After 6 years of writing, rehearsing, recording and touring, and finally a 2 year hiatus, Bridezilla would like to announce our inevitable departure and divorce. In the words of Celine Dion “The Heart Will Go On”, though Nancy & Lee say it best: “Some people run, some people crawl, some people don’t even move at all, some roads lead forward, some roads lead back, some roads are bathed in white, some wrapped in fearful black, some folks they treat me mean, some treat me kind, but most folks just go their way and don’t pay me no mind, some people never get, some never give, some people never die, but some never live, time oh time, where did you go?”. That’s all there is, there isn’t anymore.

We would like to say a special Thank you to the one and only Neil Robertson for absolutely everything, but mostly for the laughs, the time, the patience, and the enduring love as a friend and a manager, and that doesn’t even touch the sides. We are eternally grateful.

We would also like to thank all at Inertia Recordings & Ivy League Records, our families, friends, lovers & teachers. Many Thanks and Appreciation to all the musicians, producers, engineers (Tim Whitten), promoters, bookers (IMC), writers & journalists (Rob Townsend), home owners, studios, banks, airlines, hotels, venues, festivals, club owners etc we’ve met and worked/played/stayed/flew/borrowed/pulled favours from/with/for over the years. Thank you for all the good times and the bad. Belated apologies for being little shits.

And so, we will have The Last Dance, our final show at The Oxford Art Factory on Jan 16 and bid you all So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Adieu…

Photos: Brizezilla ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ New York 2009

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