Briggs Claps Back At Sky News Host Who Called Him An ‘Imbecile’ On Air

Sky News’ Peter Gleeson has gone ahead and called Briggs an idiot, an imbecile, and accused the rapper of not caring about Indigenous communities, smack bang in the middle of NAIDOC Week.

The segment, which you can catch below, discusses the national anthem and Gladys Berejiklian suggesting to change the lyrics from “young and free” to “one and free”.

The pair, for some reason, recall Briggs saying it “sucks” last year.

Peter Gleeson says, “Well Briggs is an idiot. And the reason Briggs is an idiot is because he’s a polarising figure, he doesn’t care about the anthem, he doesn’t care about the domestic violence problems in Indigenous communities. He doesn’t care about the sexual assault problems in Indigenous communities.”

“He just wants to get his name up in lights because he’s Briggs the rapper or whoever he is. An absolute imbecile,” rants Gleeson.

The rapper and —despite Gleeson’s comments, pretty strong activist and advocate for Indigenous communities— then tweeted, “The Anthem STILL sucks. Peter Gleeson STILL looking like a B-grade Game Show host. After all that “whoever he is”. This Aldi FoxNews is so laaammmme.”

Then this morning, he tweeted a photo of one of Gleeson’s columns from earlier this year in June. The column in question called the Black Lives Matter rallies “idiotic” before claiming Aboriginals were a danger to themselves, and actually using the N word.

Alongside the image, Briggs said, “FOR LEASE: one dilapidated studio apartment in Gleeson’s head. 6 months Rent free. May have to time shar e with Nightmares of deep voiced Aboriginals. Applicant MUST be Indigenous “activist” or “whoever you are”.

“Habitual Racist Peter Gleeson in June this year.”

Watch Briggs’ explanation of the Australian anthem and how it translates for Indigenous communities below.

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