Briggs Fires Back At The Australian’s Take On A.B. Original’s Historic Aus Music Prize Win

Aussie rapper Briggs — AKA one half of A.B. Original — has done what he does best and used the power of wit and logic to artfully dismantle a graceless attack from The Australian.

ICYMI: A.B. Original made history yesterday by becoming the first Indigenous act ever to bag the annual $30K Australian Music Prize for their politically-charged debut album Reclaim Australia, which contains a certain fiery protest anthem about Australia Day.

Thankfully, the Murdoch-owned The Australian was there to inform the Aussie public of the group’s groundbreaking achievement:


As brevity is the soul of wit, Briggs’ retort was simple, yet powerful:

Highlighting the ludicrous chasm of difference between major news coverage of A.B. Original’s historic win and the transparently partisan agenda pushed by The Australian, Briggs also shared the following tweet from BuzzFeed journo Mark Di Stefano:

And remember — The Australian publicly defines its editorial “purpose” as being “to lead the independent thinking, essential for the further advancement of our country”.

Watch: A.B. Original — ‘January 26’

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