Canadian Musician Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Buy Music Back From Label

Like many musicians before her, Canadian musician Amanda Zelina – perhaps better known under her stage name The Coppertone – has taken to crowdfunding to gather the finances for her next endeavor but, unlike many musicians before her, Zelina’s next endeavour is to fund music she’s already made. Specifically, she wants to buy her own music back from the clenched talons of her record label.

Clearly over the confines of the recording contract shackles, Zelina has kicked off her ‘Help Free The Coppertone’ campaign, facilitated through Indiegogo. Having worked on her craft for 11 years prior to penning the deal, Zelina is now experiencing some regret in regards to selling her soul to the man.

“Admitting I had made a mistake, knowing full well there would be repercussions, I decided I would rather move forward with integrity than stay put and be taken advantage of,” she says in her campaign statement. “In doing so I owe them 20 thousand dollars for ownership of my songs and my freedom to get more music out into the world.”

“I have started a campaign to help raise the funds to get out of the deal, and release the album I started over 2 years ago.” With three albums begin held for ransom, it makes sense that she would want creative control.

In exchange for your donation, you can receive a variety of rewards including free downloads, hand written lyrics and if you want to pledge $5,000 to the cause – a custom electric guitar.

With 27 days left, and $3,651 down it’s a slow start but fingers crossed she makes it, otherwise this will make for some very awkward meetings with the label execs.

Watch: Help Free The Coppertone – Claim Yourself

(Via ToneDeaf)

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