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Candid Video Of ‘MasterChef’ Team Dancing To Snoop Dogg Serves Up A Feast Of LOLz

The MasterChef Australia team has tried their hand at the kind of wrap that doesn’t come with turkey and lettuce, and the results are a certified LOLfeast.

Matt Preston has uploaded a video to his Facebook page, featuring himself in a car with co-stars George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan singing and busting some baller backseat moves to Snoop Dogg’s classic Beautiful, proving it takes more than two to mango.

Captioned: “Rolling with the homies. San Fran has George, Gary and I in a dancing mood!”, the bite-sized clip only last for 19-seconds of thyme, but will likely satisfy your recommended daily intake of ROFLs.

It’s hard not to relish the loveable middle-aged trio attempting to get their mad gangsta on; even Preston is compelled to duhnce, serving up a red hot spin on the classic old-man-finger-point move that’s one part part ghetto superstar, one part part your drunk uncle flailing his arms around like cooked spaghetti.

And even if you don’t carrot all about MasterChef, this is still pretty grape viewing.

Sorry. Romaine calm.

Rolling with the homies. San Fran has George, Gary and I in a dancing mood! MasterChef Australia Posted by Matt Preston on Monday, April 4, 2016
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