Watch Snoop Dogg Mistake Bagpipes For A Mega-Bong On Jimmy Kimmel

Snoop Dogg has appeared on the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live in a groundbreaking new segment called Howz It Mizzade.

The genius premise, from the great minds who brought us the toast of the internet that was Plizzanet Earth, is explained succinctly by Kimmel as such: “A person who is high watches footage of a product being made, and then he has to guess what that product is.”

Well, he probably couldn’t have called on a more experienced candidate than the motherfuckin’ D-O-double-G, whose ripped running commentary is 420 LOLS out of 420 as he tries and fails to guess the first product; bagpipes.

Snoop Deezy first guesses that the product might be chess pieces, then “a baby paddle for a baby boat”, before settling on the certainty that it must be some type of weed-smoking device.

“That looks like a blunt tip,” continues Snoop, as footage shows the mouthpiece. “Is it a bong? Is is it a vape? I mean, five or six people could hit it at one time.”

He sends off the segment in classic Snoop style, after realising that the device was, in actual fact, bagpipes.

“That’s how you make the wrong type of pipe.”


Watch: Howz It Mizzade with Snoop Dogg

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