Cat Power European Tour On The Line Following Financial & Health Concerns

Cat Power has had to deliver a hard blow to her European fans. In the wake of recent changes in both her financial and health situation, Chan Marshall has announced that there’s a good chance her whole European tour will be scrapped.

The news came in the form of a photo posted on Cat Power’s official Instagram page. Marshall begins by explaining that due to bankruptcy and an ongoing issue with the skin condition Angioedema, she ‘may’ have to cancel her European tour. So the emphasis is on the ‘may’ as at this point it’s not been confirmed and should therefore not worry Aussies keen to see her performing at Golden Plains Lucky 7.

Marshall continues to explain in the post that she has been struggling since the release of her recent album Sun. The struggle is not just physical, however, with Marshall describing a total disconnect between mind, spirit and body.

“I fucking love this planet, I refuse to give up” she concludes, adding “Though I may need to restratagize for my security and health”.

There is sure to be more information as the story unfolds, whether she is personally bankrupt or a company associated with her is – that’s still a bit unclear. But more importantly, here’s to a full recovery, and a physical and cognitive reconnection!

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