Cat’s Eyes (Faris Badwan of The Horrors) remixes Grinderman

Set to release the second single off Grinderman 2, Palaces Of Montezuma on March 14th via Mute, Grinderman are offering some tasty tidbits to go along with the single in the form of two remixes, When My Baby Comes remixed by Cat’s Eyes, singer from The Horrors Faris Badwan‘s new solo project, as well as a remix of the single itself by former Bad Seeds bassist, and member of seminal post-punk group Magazine Barry Adamson.

The Cat’s Eyes ‘remix’ sounds more like a cover than a remix, a slow plodding build up of dark textures and haunting, barely audible lyrics, it explodes with heavy guitars and swirling noise. The Barry Adamson remix though starts out barely indistinguishable from the original track save a few touched here and there, but towards the end takes on a new dimension, dropping into an extended semi instrumental section, rife with humming strings and what sounds like outtakes from the original recording where Nick Cave is screaming ‘oh yeah, and ‘give it to me’ repeatedly.

You can stream both tracks here at Pitchfork.

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