The Horrors Frontman: Faris Badwan Accused Of Punching Fan

At a recent Horrors gig in Liverpool, frontman Faris Badwan has been accused of punching a fan in the face, however the band’s spokesman has said that it was merely a ‘clip around the ear’.

Pete Guy, who attended the gig, told NME his view of what happened, saying that “The Horrors were playing ‘Three Decades’ and out of nowhere, Faris punched the lad in the side of the face and that sparked at least six other lads in the crowd into kicking off at Jake. He got booted in the face and there was a scuffle for a couple of minutes before a bouncer pulled him out of the crowd and he was taken out the venue.”

However, in response to these comments, another fan in attendance has retaliated saying that “Yes, Faris did hit him but it was a little smack over the back of his head. And this small throng was not inspired to kick “seven-shades of shit” out of him, they were inspired to actually start enjoying the gig…Once he was removed, the crowd visibly lifted and that visibly lifted the band. It’s a shame that Faris lashing out had to be the catalyst for this”

Will Faris enter the ring for round two while he’s out here on the Laneway Festival 2012 line-up?

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