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Chance The Rapper Sang Beyoncé The Simpsons’ Birthday Song And She Was Smitten

Written by Sam Murphy on September 6, 2016

Last week, Beyoncé crashed a Chance The Rapper interview backstage at the MTV VMAs and he flipped out (in a good way) and now he’s further solidified their friendship by singing her Happy Birthday.

Bey celebrated her birthday by watching Chance live at Made In America festival, and Chance made sure it was extra special for the pop Kween, serenading her with not just the regular birthday song but THE SIMPSONS’ BIRTHDAY SONG.


Yep. Replacing “Happy Birthday Lisa” with “Happy Birthday Auntie” which is Chance’s name for Queen Bey, he got the whole crowd singing along and had Beyoncé beaming from cheek-to-cheek.

He didn’t just do that though. He also performed it in front of a picture of Bey crashing his VMAs interview.

Concertgoers spotted Mrs. Knowles-Carter in the crowd and filmed her reaction to the song. Leaning over Jay Z who was puffing on a fat cigar, she looked like she was blushing, even just a tad.

In case you’re unaware, Chance sings songs from cartoons better than anyone in the game right now. He even covered the Arthur theme song, turning it into a nostalgic jam for this generation.

If you’ve got a birthday in December or January, then better lodge your requests with Chance now because he’s coming Down Under for Beyond The Valley, Origin and Field Day.

Here’s Chance performing the song:

And Bey’s reaction:

And the original for good measure:

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