Chester Bennington Collab With Lamb of God’s Mark Morton To Be Released

UPDATE: Hear Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Feature On New Song From Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton

ORIGINAL STORY: New Chester Bennington music is set to be released posthumously.

Prior to his tragic death by suicide in 2017, the Linkin Park legend teamed up with Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton to work on some new tuneage, and the axeman has now announced plans to share the fruits of their collab with fans.

“Chester and I made some really cool music together that we were both SUPER stoked about,” Morton tweeted. “And you will hear it!”

Morton originally tweeted a photo of himself with Chester back in April of 2017, hinting that the pals were working on a new project together.

Chester then confirmed the news by sharing some lyrics in an Instagram story, which also revealed that producer Josh Wilbur was involved.

It’s not known how many songs worked on together, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out!

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