CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Defends Her Stage Outfit Choices Against Sexist Critics

CHVRCHES‘ lead singer Lauren Mayberry has taken to Twitter to slam some of the sexist and misogynistic comments she’s been getting regarding outfits that she wears on stage while performing.

“To the people saying that my gig outfits are too revealing / I shouldn’t dress like that if I don’t want men to comment on it: I disagree,” she wrote.

“This argument assumes women only dress for the attention of men. When I dress for shows, I want to own my gender and my femininity. I want my performance image to be inherently feminine and tough as fuck because that is how I want to pretend to be – to myself, to the women and young girls who come to our gigs.”

“People have tried to weaponise my gender against me since the start of my career as a musician,” she continues later on.

“…It’s not really about what a woman is wearing. It never is. It’s about claiming ownership of women’s bodies and women’s narratives.”

“So I’ll continue dressing like a gothic Power Puff Girl with Big Witch Energy and I hope that you’ll all do whatever your version of that is too. Everybody else will just have to deal with it. My body, my life, my choice.”

Say it louder for those back, Lauren.

CHVRCHES will be back in the country for the fourth time in two years for brand new festival, Sandtunes.

Read Mayberry’s full statement below.


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