Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry “Learnt Something” From Billie Eilish’s Vocal Production

Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry has told The Guardian Billie Eilish’s debut album when we all fall asleep where do we go? is an advancement in pop music.

In an interview, The Guardian asked Mayberry if she feels pressure to keep up with pop, given how quickly the genre changes.

Mayberry said, “Iain and Martin like to be across what is happening for production stuff.

“The vocal production on the Billie Eilish album is absolutely phenomenal – that is an advancement in pop music.”

She goes on to highlight the importance of being aware of the landscape in pop.

“There’s just awesome pop music and you can learn something from it.”

“Learn the production tricks but don’t learn the other parts: I think that was the challenge of this album,” she told the publication.

They also discussed the forthcoming Chvrches album.

“It’s not the frilliest of Chvrches records, but I don’t think that now is necessarily a time for frilliness,” said Mayberry.

The new album is due in Spring this year and will follow up 2018’s Love Is Dead.

They also released ‘Here With Me’ back in 2019, a collaboration with Marshmello.

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