CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Under Fire After Criticising Internet Perverts

Frontwoman for Scottish three-piece CHVRCHES, Lauren Mayberry, has submitted a scathing op ed to The Guardian, addressing an issue she raised last week about lewd and misogynistic messages the band has received via social media.

After tackling the topic head on last week by posting examples of crude messages directed towards her on Facebook, you’d think that e-creeps would have picked up on the hint to back off. It now appears that the opposite was true, with more sexually aggressive comments appearing on the outfit’s Facebook page in the wake of the post.

Given that Mayberry has made it her duty to deal with social media, it’s impossible for her to not miss the abuse, the bulk of which is directed towards her. In the new piece, she confesses to having broken down in tears due to the weight of the situation.

Bewildered by advice from others to simply suck it up, Mayberry questions why female musicians are expected to put up with the abuse in the new op ed, selecting a handful of examples to highlight the abuses she endures, including:

“This isn’t rape culture. You’ll know rape culture when I’m raping you, bitch”

“I have your address and I will come round to your house and give u anal and you will love it you twat lol”

“It’s just one of those things you’ll need to learn to deal with. If you’re easily offended, then maybe the music industry isn’t for you”

Mayberry questions the reasons why anyone would unleash such abuse in the first place, suggesting that many fail to gauge the effects of their actions on the person on the receiving end of the abuse:

“Maybe it’s the personal side to online interaction that these men fail to grasp. It seems almost too obvious to ask, “Would you condone this behaviour if it was directed at your mother/sister/daughter/wife/girlfriend?” but maybe going back to basics is what the trolls or 4chan addicts need. To learn a little empathy. To have a little respect for other people. To think before they speak.”

Right on. The full article, which you can read here, is a calm, thorough and insightful response to the situation – unsurprising, given Mayberry has a masters in journalism and experience in the field as a freelancer.

CHVRCHES recently released their stunning debut LP The Bones Of What You Believe and will be returning to Australia for Laneway Festival 2014.

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