CJ McMahon Rejoins Thy Art Is Murder At Unify Gathering 2017

Former Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon rejoined the band on stage at Unify Gathering festival in Victoria over the weekend, and it looks like he might now be back in the band for good.

During Thy Art Is Murder’s Unify Gathering set, McMahon took a moment to address the crowd. In footage from the show, which can be viewed below, McMahon says, “I was a drug addict, I was a broke musician, and I had some fucking issues. I got married, I did some fucking soul searching, and now I’m back to take over the world with my fucking brothers.

“In the celebration that is me coming back to join my brothers in world domination, I need you guys to have some fun with us.”

Triple j‘s Lochlan Watt, who landed the gig as Thy Art Is Murder’s touring frontman following McMahon’s departure, has taken to Instagram to welcome McMahon back to the band.

“CJ is back where he belongs,” Watt says. “I am so fucking happy for him and my boys right now. This is truly incredible to witness. Power and then some.”

Thy Art Is Murder are yet to comment on McMahon’s return, but Music Feeds understands the band are planning on releasing a statement later this week.

During Thy Art Is Murder’s Unify Gathering set, McMahon also addressed the crowd prior to the band’s final song, while holding a bible which was reportedly thrown on stage.

In video of the moment (below), McMahon can be seen calling for the bible to be burned.

“Now, I’m into saving the world… It’s shit like this that’s destroying our Amazon. It’s shit like this that’s destroying the trees in the world. It’s shit like this that pollutes people’s minds and fucking controls people, like fuckin’ politics, religion, pedophile, rapists, the banks, the economists, and so many other fucking people,” he says.

“Now, it would mean so much to me — we can’t light shit on this stage; we have fire bans and everything, we got gas up here — but if you guys could make a big circle pit and burn this [bible] for the last song, I’d be much obliged.

“Take this bible, and burn it like it deserves through ‘Reign Of Darkness’.

“We are Thy Art Is Murder, from Western Sydney.”

McMahon left Thy Art Is Murder back in December 2015, and went on to pen a heartbreaking message about why he quit the band.

View footage of Thy Art Is Murder’s Unify Gathering performance below, alongside Lochlan Watt’s Instagram post.

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