Commit to Community Radio Day of Action: Sign The Petition To Save Community Radio

On Wednesday, 13th March, community radio stations from around the country will be participating in a day of special programming for Commit to Community Radio, a campaign to raise awareness of the lack of government funding to aid stations such as 3RRR’s transition from analogue to digital.

As noted on the campaign’s website, “the future of free-to-air broadcasting is digital”, but if the Federal Government does not account for the cost of this transition in the next budget, then community radio will become extinct when their outdated technology becomes obsolete.

Speaking in favour of the campaign, Phillip Randall of the Digital Radio Consultative Committee and CEO of Hope Media Ltd states that unless the Federal Government takes action soon, the very existence of community radio in Australian could be non-existent in less than 2 decades:

“The significant shortfall in government funding for transmission infrastructure for community digital radio services not only jeopardises community radio’s immediate future in the digital free to air space but the very existence of community radio in 15 to 20 years time, when analogue broadcasting will eventually be shut down.

The nationwide day of programming on Wednesday, 13th March will include special on-air guests and plenty of entertainment, with the main objective being the mustering of supporters to join the campaign and sign the online petition to rescue community radio.

Head over to to sign the online petition and send an email to our Federal communications minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, to show your support.

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