Aussie Artists Are Flooding The Internet With Selfies Demanding To #KeepCommunityRadio

Artists across every level of the Australian music industry and every bloody genre out there have united in a fark-off huge show of support for local community radio.

Everyone from Courtney Barnett and Josh Pyke to DZ Deathrays, Reece Mastin and The Smith Street Band have thrown their weight behind a campaign led by The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap), which is currently blaring a message so loud that even the ageing white male pollies who make up the majority of Parliament House should be able to hear it.

The movement was of course triggered by the recent Federal budget, which – as well as axing millions of dollars worth of funding to critical arts bodies including Sounds Australia, Live Performance Australia and countless others – also gutted $1.4 million per annum from Digital Community Radio.

According to Amrap, this move will be catastrophic for local artists, the local music industry and local communities in general, so they’re urging artists across Australia to snap selfies with the #KeepCommunityRadio message in a bid to encourage fans to sign a petition and put pressure the government to restore full funding.

“A picture speaks a thousand words so we’re encouraging musicians to put a face to the issue while telling the government to keep community radio,” said Amrap Manager Chris Johnson.

“The future of radio is digital but without this government support community radio may not have a future,” he continued, adding: “Cutting back government support to digital community radio will reduce Australian music on the airwaves.”

“Politicians of all stripes need to get with the program and understand that they need community radio just as much as the 5 million Australians who listen every week.”

And the movement is clearly gaining traction, with the Labor Party just announcing a promise to restore community radio’s funding in full, if elected.

However, without a commitment from the Coalition – and current government – the future of the platform still remains on the edge of a knife.

Check out all the Aussie artists who’ve pledged their support for community radio so far below, and then show your support by signing the petition here.

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