Company Behind Tupac Hologram Goes Bankrupt

I’m sure most of us saw the footage of the famous, or even if you could call it historic, footage of the holographic Tupac used at this year’s Coachella 2012 event. Well, this then sparked the idea that we could be seeing more of this kind of stuff appear, and even led to the idea of reliving classic performances from dead musicians.

Well, it looks like business hasn’t boomed after all for the Digital Domain Media Group, the company behind the hologram technology used at the Coachella event. They recently filed for bankruptcy, and according to CNN (via Pitchfork) it had been coming for months, and the hologram stunt wasn’t enough to pull the company out of its debts.

Whether this means it’s the last we’ll see of the technology probably isn’t known, but there are several other companies that are currently selling the technology, not just for the purposes of enhancing live performances, but also for the use of advertising. Think the 3D Jaws scene from Back To The Future III (maybe not).

We caught up with t7 Event Solutions back in July to talk about the technology in Australia, and what we can expect to see in the coming months. So far the downsides are: the set-up time, the materials used in the set-up being sensitive to the weather, and as Digital Domain Media Group have probably learned – the costs.

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