Corey Taylor: “It’s Gonna Be A Couple Of Years” Before Next Slipknot Album

Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has laid all his cards out on the table in a recent interview with Canadian radio show The Scotty Mars Show, which went to air very recently. Host Scotty Mars left no stone unturned, pushing Taylor on his recent onstage collapse, the fate of the new Slipknot material and life without bassist Paul Grey.

At a recent performance in Dallas, Taylor scared the bejeevers out of fans when he suddenly dropped to the floor. The frontman was up in no time at all, though it was a worrying sign for the musician who has been burning candles at both ends for a while now. Taylor said of his collapse: “I finished the show, but I don’t remember the last two songs. I woke up backstage. Apparently, I collapsed onstage. It was gnarly. It scared the crap out of me. It’s one of those things where it’s just like, ‘Oh, yeah, we wear masks and coveralls in 110-degree heat. Yeah, it’s awesome’.”

As for the new material, Taylor explained that the passing of their friend and bandmate Paul Gray has hindered the process, with the band currently unsure of what it would be like to enter the studio without their fallen comrade. He talked of the importance of ‘baby steps’ as they are in no rush to fail: “For me, it makes more sense to really kind of get the music together slowly, surely — all of us contributing, all of us being able to say something, all of us being able to share something on this album, and then go into the studio, because I think then we’ll be a little more prepared for it. It’s gonna be a couple of years, but I promise we are thinking about it, and we’re thinking about it seriously. It’s just gonna take a little time. And I think the fans, they understand, and they’re gonna give us all the time that we need.”

It’s obvious how fresh the wounds still are amongst the band since Grays death, as Taylor explained in the interview, it was a massive wake-up call for the group: “When Paul died, we were all over the world, really, and we came flying back for Paul. That was kind of a snapshot of where we all were — we were all kind of scattered, not just as individuals, but as bandmates,” he says. “Nostradamus, on his best peyote trip, could have never figured out that SLIPKNOT would be what it is today. So we’ve been able to kind of look at what we’ve achieved and go, ‘You know what? We owe it to ourselves to keep going’. So we’re trying to do the right thing and make the right decisions and just do it right, because that’s what Paul would have deserved.”

Slipknot will be releasing their greatest hits album Antennas To Hell, which will drop July 23 (My birthday, no way!) and are currently headlining their own festival, Knotfest. Meanwhile, Stone Sour have been working on a project involving DC Comics for their new album. Not to mention Taylor’s collaborations with Dave Ghrol

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