Crafter To Perth Soundwave Fans: “Shut Up And Get On A Plane”

Michael Crafter, frontman of Australian hardcore outfit Confession, has lashed out at Perth Soundwave fans who took to social media today to vent their frustrations that the Soundwave 2015 festival won’t be stopping in Western Australia.

“Perth people, carrying on about soundwave. Shut up you cashed up bogans,” tweeted Crafter, a Perth resident, this evening. “Seriously all day my feed is full, why no Perth Etc,” he added. “Fucking go back out in the bush and dig another hole and jump in it.”

Crafter’s response met the approval of The Amity Affliction‘s Ahren Stringer who replied that “they just don’t understand how insanely expensive it is to fly a tour of that magnitude further than a different country”.

“Seriously these cunts have so much cash here. Get on a plane and have a weekend off the ice,” added Crafter. “It could be explained in detail and they still wouldn’t get it. They think it’s a personal attack or something hahahahaha.”

Following ongoing battles with local councils and the state Government plus increasingly and high costs, festival boss AJ Maddah confirmed earlier this year that the 2014 edition of Soundwave would be Western Australia’s last.

Maddah later said that keeping the Perth leg of the Soundwave festival would have meant losing the festival altogether. “[One] more year like this one in Perth and there would be no [Soundwave] anywhere. Sorry. Perth is too expensive & not enough ticket sales,” he wrote via Twitter.

“We have always subsidised Perth w ticket money from East Coast but this year was just brutal,” he added. “I haven’t minded losing a little bit most years in Perth in order to keep event national, but can no longer take the chance.”

Maddah is apparently working on an “airline deal” for fans based in Western Australia.

Although the absence of Soundwave 2015 in Perth was not new information to local fans, the magnitude of this morning’s lineup announcement seemed to revive their disappointment and many of them expressed their annoyance on Twitter today.

“Next years Soundwave line up makes me sad that it’s not in Perth anymore, so many good bands,” wrote one Twitter user. “Was excited about Soundwave for two seconds, then remembered it’s not coming to Perth so now I don’t care,” added another. Others even took the approach of appealing directly to bands. “@FaithNoMore PLEASE come to Perth when you visit Australia! I’ve waited 17 yrs to see you and this is the first Soundwave thats non-Perth :(,” wrote Twitter user @_samgarden_.

Confession were one of the early bands to be announced for the Soundwave 2015 lineup, alongside Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris. Other acts on the bill include Incubus, Lamb of God, Ministry, Antemasque, Gerard Way, Fall Out Boy, Judas Priest, and Godsmack. Maddah revealed earlier today that this morning’s massive announcement is “most” of the 2015 roster and that there will be “around 14 bands” on a forthcoming second announcement.

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