Michael Crafter Announces Confession’s Break Up & His Retirement

Michael Crafter, frontman and founder of Melbourne metalcore outfit Confession, has announced that after seven years, the outfit are calling it a day, adding that following the break up he is “done with being in a band”.

“I started this band in 2008 with the idea of continuing to do music and play shows. 7 years on, tours across Australia and the world i’m now sitting here with the idea that we’ve done enough and its time to move on,” wrote Crafter today in a Facebook post.

“After 3 albums, 1 EP and a football side of ex members, confession has been my musical outlet and ill forever be grateful to everyone who’s supported the band and ever been apart of it.”

Confession’s run was definitely a tumultuous one, especially taking into account the fact that Crafter, at one stage, gave the entire band the flick after accusing them of trying to “double cross” him.

Despite the drama, Confession went on to play Soundwave Festivals, the Australian Vans Warped Tour and released their latest album Life and Death in 2014. Today the frontman has thanked the people for supporting the project before seemingly announcing that he is “Officially Retired”.

“As far as music goes, this was always going to be my last ditch effort and once this was done i was done with being in a band,” he wrote. “But it’s been great to be able to do what we have done, recorded some music and had loads of fun on the road. Not only that but meet some amazing friends along the way.”

He concludes his post with, “Everything Is Fucking Dead. Michael Crafter – Officially Retired…”

Crafter has also featuring in other bands like I Killed The Prom Queen, Carpathian and Bury Your Dead.

The frontman says Confession will be announcing a final tour soon and will be “hopefully taking some friends along” with them. Read the full Facebook post below.

Gallery: Confession @ Vans Warped Tour Australia 2013 / Photos: Ashley Mar

I started this band in 2008 with the idea of continuing to do music and play shows. 7 years on, tours across Australia…

Posted by Confession on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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