Cut Copy’s “Billboard Song” ‘Free Your Mind’ Is Unveiled Online

Melbourne electronic outfit Cut Copy have made public their latest single, Free Your Mind. The group made news earlier this week after releasing the track exclusively in six specific locations in the world, most of them rural, including places in Mexico City and Chile.

The band’s label, Modular Recordings released the track proper on their website today, giving fans not in one specific location in the California Desert a chance to hear the psychedelic new track. Modular labelled the promotional campaign the work of the “Cut Copy brain trust” to prompt locals in to “free[ing] their minds through the power of suggestion.”

The label added that lo-fi copies of the song went online quickly, saying “It didn’t take long for the pilgrims to start circulating bootleg rips,” and so presented the track in glorious high fidelity for all to hear. The track harks back to the classic EDM of the 80s Hacienda scene, with soulful piano, layered gospel-like vocals, bouncy bass and acid house synths.

UPDATE: Since you can never have too much of a good thing, it seems the good folks at Modular Recordings have taken down the SoundCloud stream of the new Cut Copy track for now. We pray for its return and urge you to watch this space, Music Feeds will have it back up as soon we’re able.

Listen: Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

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