Cya! Lockout Overhaul Will See Laws Like “No Shots After Midnight” Being Scrapped As Early As The End Of The Year

Earlier in the month, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that after five long years, Sydney’s lockout laws will be scrapped across the CBD, but will still remain in Kings Cross.

Alongside the lockout change, the NSW government are also preparing to completely overhaul Sydney’s night-time economy with plans to change the state’s current drinking laws.

A few months ago, she announced that a cross-party preliminary committee would be formed in order to review the city’s current lockout laws. The government-led inquiry will reportedly recommend getting rid of a few current rules, including not being able to serve drinks in glasses at certain times, banning the sale of shots, doubles and pre-mixed drinks after midnight and mandatory ID scanning after 9PM. These laws were originally introduced in July, 2014.

Sydney Morning Herald report that the committee’s findings will align with Premier Berejiklian’s wanting to get rid of the 1.30AM lockout and 3.00AM last drink rules. There is a likelihood that another review will be held in 12 months about the restrictions that will remain in Kings Cross.

Premier Berejiklian has indicated that the government will be using the report’s findings to guide them in this process.

Committee members received a draft version of the report this weekend, with committee chairperson Natalie Ward, a Liberal upper house member, promising that they will be delivering an “innovative” report.

“We’re looking at the economic argument for why we’re missing out on $16 billion worth of potential employment, innovation and economic infrastructure, and we’d like to do something about that … but in a balanced way,” said Ward.

The committee are aiming to put forth a package that could be in action as early as the end of the year.

About bloody time.

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