Deadmau5 Rages Against Ticket Prices On Twitter, Gets Them Halved

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known to the world as mouse-helmet wearing DJ Deadmau5, quit twitter late last year, but took up old habits again in the last few hours to rage against steep ticket prices for his upcoming gig in Canada, calling out the venue for throwing him “under the bus.”

On 3 January 2014, a Deadmau5 show is scheduled at the New City Gas venue in Montreal, with initial ticket prices set at $100 (plus a $17 service charge). Zimmerman took to Twitter to slam the venue for the hefty price tag, which he says he was unaware of. Said Deadmau5 to New City Gas, “nice ticket prices… didnt i do a full production / cube show in MTL for 50$ once? yeah. thanks for throwing me under the bus.”

As tickets went on sale for the Unhooked show, fans were quick to share their disapproval of the prices. Said one fan succinctly, “$100 for unhooked show? $175 VIP? Get lost. Fuck.” Zimmerman assured followers that he was on the case, tweeting, “my apologies MTL. ill fix this. im just as pissed as you are. Dont worry horde, were fixing this, a serious mistake was made,” continued the DJ.

In a matter of hours Deadmau5 had announced the price tag had been reduced by half and that he was adding an extra show to the run of dates. “Okay MTL, here we go! tix are now 50$. AND imma do 2 shows for you. 😀 okie? thanks to @newgascity for working this out with me 😀 against pop star Lady Gaga and rapper Flo Rida. He even incited war with a legion of Justin Bieber fans and lived to tell the tale.

Zimmerman announced he was done with the online social drama last year when he declared he was giving up the twitter habit and would only use to site to keep fans updated on his projects. “Enough’s enough with living on twitter. Time to at least start by living in the studio making music,” he posted on his Tumblr page. But it seems the DJ couldn’t resist one more, for the good of the fans.

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