Daft Punk Release Full Music Video For ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’

Daft Punk have today released the full-length version of their latest offering from Random Access Memories, Lose Yourself To Dance. Just as we suspected from the brief teaser released some weeks back, the band have pretty much replicated their previous music video albeit for the addition of a post-apocalyptic mountain of lost souls from which they have emerged the victors.

That, or the French cyborgs and repeat Random Access Memories offenders Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams have simply set up shop on a hedonistic stage, high enough about the heads of the people to make sure they know who’s boss. Either way, if you’ve seen the visuals for Get Lucky, you’ve seen this. Lose Yourself To Dance, or better known as “the other song on the album I like” marks a new chapter for the chart-crushing album which has seen the pair score everything from award nominations to action figures to viral status.

Lose Yourself To Dance was teased initially at the this year’s MTV VMAs, which was littered with references and cut backs to the robotic overlords of EDM. The glittery outfits and general vibe aren’t the only parallels between this track and Get Lucky, which was also released after a brief period of teasing

Watch: Daft Punk – Lose Yourself To Dance

(Via MX DWN)

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