Dark Mofo Group Skinny Dip Ban Lifted

After discussing a plan B with Tasmanian police, organisers behind the Winter-inspired festival, Dark Mofo, have announced their mass skinny dip will be going ahead, but with a new digs that will avert the nudity from the public eye.

Initially, the highly public location of Tassie’s Derwent river meant an event with 200 naked people would violate Tasmanian legislation, but Police Minister David O’Byrne has now confirmed that should the event take place in a private location, there will be no legal ramifications.

O’Byrne told ABC today:

“We are able to get some agreement between the police and Hobart City Council about an alternative venue, which at this stage looks like the Regatta Grounds over in the Derwent up further up the river and away from houses.”

The decision by police to put a stop to the event, citing a risk to public decency, was met with thorough disapproval from the event’s followers. Many flooded to social networks to voice their concerns, with some suggesting people rock up and get their kit off regardless. However, Inspector Glen Woolley had some cold words for those people, “We’ve informed them that if people do go ahead they might be charged.”

Organisers of the Museum Of Old And New Art’s Dark Mofo have had a good relationship with police previously, which no doubt helped the compromise. Similar events held at the museum, including after hours naked tours, have taken place in the past without complaints.

Now that they don’t have to worry about being arrested, punters can just kick back and enjoy the 4 to 12 degree temperatures the water is expected to be.

(Via The Age)

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