Dark Mofo Responds To, And Doubles Down On, Art Project Controversy

UPDATE 23/03/21“We Made A Mistake:” Dark Mofo Cancel Art Project Asking For First Nations People’s Blood.

Dark Mofo 2021 has been mired in convtroversy over the past week since it revealed the premise of a planned art project for this year’s festival, and now the event’s director has doubled down.

The project, set to be created by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra, would theoretically involve First Nations people providing their blood to ensure that the Union Jack is “immersed in the blood of its colonised territories”.

Unsurprisingly, this idea hasn’t gone down well with almost anyone, with people claiming that it’s a highly insensitive idea “sickeningly disturbing”, with Briggs saying, “we already gave enough blood”.

Now, Dark Mofo creator Leigh Carmichael has offered his response, where he really says not much of anything at all.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with responses to Santiago Sierra’s Union Flag by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from around the world,” a statement read on Facebook.

“We understand, respect and appreciate the many diverse views in relation to this confronting project.”

“Self-expression is a fundamental human right, and we support artists to make and present work regardless of their nationality or cultural background.”

Carmichael also said that “range of perspectives reflects the conversations (he) had with Tasmanian Aboriginal people prior to announcing the project.

“It’s not surprising that the atrocities committed as a result of colonising nations continue to haunt us.”

Read his full statement below.

Dark Mofo 2021 is set to go ahead in June of this year.

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