‘Darkwave Yoga’ Is A Thing, And It’s Happening In Sydney

We’ve heard of things like ‘punk yoga’ and ‘black metal yoga’ before…

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…but there’s a new yoga in town. Well, in Sydney, specifically.

Yoga teacher, DJ and former club promoter Jovana Subotic has launched a new series of weekly classes dubbed ‘Synthwave/Darkwave Yoga’, which are set to a killer soundtrack of tunes by the likes of Burial, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

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Inspired by her favourite electronic genres and her own goth and yoga-enthusiast friends, Subotic is bringing the tunes out of the industrial clubs and onto everyone’s yoga mats.

Here’s how she explains the idea behind ‘Synthwave/Darkwave Yoga’ and the music that’s involved…

Music Feeds: What is ‘synthwave/darkwave yoga’?

Jovana Subotic: It’s yoga to a darker electronic music soundtrack including darkwave, minimal wave, synthpop, electro, industrial, new wave, IDM and more. It’s music you wouldn’t typically hear in a yoga class.

In the style of yoga I teach, Jivamukti, it is not unusual to play a wide range of music outside the typical ‘yoga music’ box, but this class will be broadening that, still not being afraid to play even darker and edgier music you may even hear at a goth industrial club.

MF: Can you give us some examples of artists and albums you might play during a ‘synthwave/darkwave yoga’ sesh?

JS: It’s so broad, but anything from Ministry to Burial, Orbital, Death In June, Aphex Twin, The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, TR/ST, Boards Of Canada, Gesaffelstein, Ladytron, Depeche Mode, Martial Canterel and much much more.

MF: Should people bring their synths and drum machines along for extra immersion?

JS: [Laughs] Not yet, but maybe in the future!

MF: Have you taught ‘synthwave/darkwave yoga’ before? How did you get into it?

JS: Yes and no. I used to hire a space and run my own yoga classes earlier on in my yoga career. As I was promoting it myself it attracted my friends, who majority happen to be goth in the broader sense of the word — people that wear black and are music geeks.

So I thought, ‘Well if this is the crowd I might as well play darker electronic music,’ and by default it became darkwave yoga.

MF: What can music do to enhance a yoga session?

JS: I love practicing yoga to music. It is motivating and can really enhance your practice. It can also tie into the theme you’re exploring in the class, and be a part of the spiritual devotional Bhakti side of yoga, if that is your inclination.

MF: You’ve worked as a DJ and club promoter in the past. What skills do you think you’ve brought over from that experience to your yoga teaching?

JS: Well I know how to put together a great music playlist!

Jovana Subotic teaches Synthwave/Darkwave Jivamukti Yoga at various venues in Sydney. Head here for more info.

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