Dave Grohl Has Compared Billie Eilish To Nirvana In 1991

Dave Grohl has made quite the call this week, comparing the impact 17-year-old music sensation Billie Eilish has had in the past year to that of Nirvana in 1991.

As reported by Variety, Grohl spoke about his daughters liking Eilish at a conference in California earlier this week.

“My daughters are obsessed with Billie Eilish,” he said. “The same thing is happening with her that happened with Nirvana in 1991. People say, ‘Is rock dead?’ When I look at someone like Billie Eilish, rock and roll is not close to dead!”

He also spoke about a myriad of other topics, like Spotify, the early days of Nirvana and being a high school dropout. He also spoke about Foo Fighters’ impressive longevity as a rock band.

“The first 20 years of our band, I thought, ‘Let’s make another record and call it a day. Get one more in there’,” he said.

“Now we can’t break up. Imagine grandparents getting a divorce. I’m sure it happens, but you’d be like, ‘Why?’”

It’s been a big 2019 for Eilish so far. She had three songs in the 2018 Hottest 100 – including one in the top 10 – and is also headlining Groovin The Moo and a tour of her very own, before her debut album is released later this year.

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