Deadmau5, Pauly D + More Backstage Rider Demands Revealed

A meticulously detailed and very confidential leak has sprung up overnight from our buddies at EDMsnob. The article, which contains catering arrangements, stage production specs and basically everything that is agreed upon between promoters and artists through legal contracts, highlights a side of many Electronic Dance Musicians, affectionately known as EDM’s we’ve never seen before.

They have provided pages upon pages of information, some needlessly complex, some rather amusing. It would appear that the option of only fast food and junk have been removed from a touring artist’s diet, replaced with pretty much anything they ask for; take a look at some of the best ones we picked out.

Deadmau5 has his wishlist sorted, detailing everything he will require for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and for after the show, including any kind but Starburst lollies. The dude has good taste.

DJ Pauly D, of Jersey Shore ‘fame’ isn’t as self-centred as he appears. As well as treating himself to a litre of Patron and plenty of Pellegrino backstage, he also demands 4 bottles of champagne with the specific purpose of spraying the audience.

House ‘visionary’ David Guetta has an alphabetised list of demands, covering pretty much everything from a bag of ice to a strawberry-scented smoke machine to heart-shaped balloons, and of course Tattoos…whatever that means.

Nero has kept his list very short, asking only for still water, coca-cola and beer, on demand of course, but not even ice. Likewise for Sidney Samson who, other than a couple of tech specs, is quite content with water, Laurent Perrier Rose and a few soft drinks.

Groove Armada ask for, amongst other things, 1 small bottle of Jack Daniels, but 30 towels. And the recently departed Pendulum require a Deli Tray to include French sticks, wholemeal bread, a tub of butter, a selection of good cheese, and a meat platter to be in their dressing room no later than 4pm on the day of the performance. Good on em’ for making the most of it!

Take a look at the rest of the artists. There a some classic demands in their list and it’s also interesting seeing what they run their gear off, and just how much goes into every element of their live performances.

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