Deadmau5’s Old Rider Demanded A ‘Large Inflatable Animal’ And ‘Good Quality Shower Gel’

It seems that tour rider’s are interesting again, with Jack Ü’s health food/alchol filled rider leaked yesterday online and now a picture of an old rider for outspoken producer and DJ Deadmau5 has surfaced in the twitterverse.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that it’s not completely outlandish by industry standards.

Apparently Zimmerman is a bigger fan of Mexican beer than Vin Diesel in The Fast And The Furious, requesting two cases of beer; specifically Corona or Sol.

There is also a whole heap of Red Bull as well as vodka and champagne, one pair each of black and white socks, and the standard requests for fruit and vegetable platters.

And here’s where the requests get super specific. Deadmau5 must shower a hell of a lot, as he requests two bottles of ‘good quality’ shower gel. He also desires one bar of orange flavoured chocolate.

Finally and most peculiarly, an inflatable animal must also be provided, but not just any inflatable animal. Zimmerman specifies that it must be large – at least 5 feet tall.

Deadmau5 responded to the tweet in a very civil manner by his standards, even including a sad face because he apparently no longer has a rider for his live shows.

When asked how often he actually was actually provided with an animal, Zimmerman responded…

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