Despite Health Issues, Phil Collins Joins Genesis Tour Singing Whilst Seated

Despite his worsening condition, Phil Collins has joined Genesis on stage for the first leg of the legendary prog-band’s UK The Last Domino? reunion tour, which will see the band hitting the stage for the first time in 13 years.

Collins, who is now 70, has been very open about his struggles with his health in recent times. Despite his fragility, Collins is kicking on, and he sung through the entire set while seated.

Genesis’ guitarist Mike Rutherford was also seen to be seated for parts of the performance.

Collins’ son, Nic Collins, has joined the band for the tour, taking Phil’s place on the drumkit as he is physically unable to drum anymore.

In the last few weeks, an interview with BBC Breakfast, which was recorded in January, aired in which Collins revealed his declining health, admitting that he “can barely hold a [drum] stick,” owing to a mix of his drumming posture, and a spinal injury he suffered in 2009, which later required comprehensive surgery in 2015.

“My vertebrae have been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in,” he said. “It comes from years of playing. I can’t even hold the sticks properly without it being painful; I even used to tape the sticks to my hands to get through.”

Check out some fan-filmed footage from the show below.

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