More Details On Legion 2016 Cancellation and 2017 Edition

UPDATE 02/11/16: Legion Festival 2017 has been cancelled.

ORIGINAL STORY:John Sankey and the Legion Festival team have made a full statement regarding the the cancellation of the March 2016 event and the decision to move the festival to Australia Day 2017.

Going into further detail than our previously published letter to those who had pledged to the festivals’ pozible campaign, the statement lists a range of issues that led to the change. Citing everything from council issues to fans unable to get out of family commitments around Easter, here’s a brief run down of their side of the story.

The “current Aussie music festival landscape” was the first issues listed, with organisers explaining that with so many festivals cancelled over the last few years many international bands “were worried about attaching themselves to a festival at all, especially in such a short amount of time.”

Securing venues that would live up to the “original vision” Sankey and Co had for the festival was also proving difficult at such short notice.

Of course this being Australia you could be certain that some council issues would arise, the festival having difficulty “obtaining the right permits in time”.

It goes on. with delays in Soundwave Festival refunds, difficulty in getting artist visas in time and fans being unable to get out of family commitments around Easter and the opportunity of more time to work with sponsors were also listed as well. All in all it’s a pretty impressive list of problems.

However there were some little rays of sunshine at the end with the team revealing they are “now in negotiations with several major international headliners” as well as mentioning they are excited to use the extra time to “inject real diversity to the line up in year one with a number of Punk, Hardcore and Rock acts”

In regards to the pozible campiagn however, while the festival’s letter to those who had pledged stated the new crowd funding campaign for the 2017 event would run for an extra 30 days, organisers have extended that to 60 days.

And, as mentioned in our previous article “all existing supporters will be recognized with organizers arranging extensive additional benefits to reflect their support. Those who would like to opt out and relinquish their founding benefits, are welcome to do so.”

They also gave us a list of the proposed dates, which you can read below.

Legion Festival 2017

Saturday 21st January


Sunday 22nd January


Thursday 26th January


Saturday 28th January


Sunday 29th January


Update: We speak with Legion Festival boss John Sankey

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