DethKlok Begin Work On New Album

Well, to be more accurate, creative genius Brandon Small will begin work on the new DethKlok album, given the working title DethKlok III. 

Having just kicked off the fourth season of Metalocaplyse, a cartoon series based around an over-the-top metal band who have achieved a status amongst society as gods, Small will be expanding the brand further by bringing members Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, William Murderface, and Toki Wartooth out of the screen and onto iPod’s everywhere.

News of the release was broken by Small himself, who posted a tweet teasing fans: “Uh oh…. Look at this file I just created.. – @_Brandonsmall”, followed by an image of a screen shot showing the creating of a folder on his desktop titled DethKlok III.

This isn’t the first time Small has released material under the guize of DethKlok: 2007 and 2009 saw the release of The Dethalbum and Dethklok II respectively. While the general consensus is that the music is actually well written, technical and very true to the genre, the cartoon series is the main selling point and found a home in Australia on The Comedy Channel via [adultswim].

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the world’s only metal-themed cartoon show, I strongly recommend it.

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