Did Coldplay Rip Off Sticky Fingers’ Newtown Video?

Coldplay made quite a stir across Sydney this week, both with their intimate show at the Enmore last night, which was crashed by pint-sized pop star Kylie Minogue, and when they called for an impromptu video shoot on the streets of Newtown. The clip debuted at the gig last night and it bears a very striking resemblance to one released by Aussie band Sticky Fingers last year.

“I got off a plane from Melbourne and I got a bunch of messages from people saying, ‘Old mate Chris Martin has copied your clip’,” Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall told Of the similarities between his band’s video Australia Street and Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars he said, “it’s probably a coincidence, you’d have to ask Chris Martin that.”

Both clips, which you can view below, feature a continuous shot of the frontman singing to the camera as he is joined, Pied Piper-style, by a mob of jaunty fans. It all culminates in an all out jamming celebration in the heart of the inner west.

There are a few distinguishing factors between the fan-filled clips though. While Chris Martin and his cohort carried a one-man band get-up fitted out with flowers and balloons, the Sticky Fingers crew opted for beer bottles. They also walked in opposite directions, so there’s that.

Paddy Cornwall said that Sticky Fingers “don’t give a fuck at all” about the possibility that their idea was stolen. “It’s nice to see they’ve got some love for Newtown and our inner west neighbourhood, as big as they are.”

Watch: Sticky Fingers – Australia Street

Watch: Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars

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