Disclosure Release Music Video For New Single ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’

Disclosure has released the music video for their latest single When A Fire Starts To Burn. The clip begins with a preacher testifying before his congregation. Eventually the sermon becomes the sample vocal that runs throughout the pumping tune.

When A Fire Starts To Burn is lifted from Disclosure’s debut album Settle, which is out today. Quite taken by the album’s bowl full of “dance floor candy”, Music Feeds reviewer Greg Moskovitch’s praised Disclosure for travelling back in time and only returning with the good memories:

“Settle checks every corner of the discount vinyl mill from Art Of Noise and the KLF to the Artful Dodger and Derrick May, though somehow maneuvering around the mawkishness these artists were so prone towards.

“The fluid cohesion of Settle is almost as gratifying as the tunes. There’s enough of a party here to make it a worthwhile investment and it warmly harkens back to a time when dance music was only in the charts in Britain.”

You can read Music Feeds’ full album review here and check out the music vid below.

WATCH: Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn

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